Make/Shift @ Dance City 19th May 2016: Sharing Practice- Led Research (ii)

From Paula Turner independent dance practitioner who attended the event:

“I was interested in the forms/structures you used and how they might have been responded to by people who were non dancers…..I was having a lovely time as indeed we all were but I wondered how it might be with people less free and easy and open with their bodies…..what might the shifts and shadowing/being with be like then and how might that experience be articulated.?

I was very lost in what I called the “hinterland”…which was I think in the second or third exercise you gave us and where Mandy and I got lost in being with each other and having an exchange but had totally lost with whom the shift resided and we then felt that neither of us wanted to shift on….the place we had arrived at was so compelling because we were just negotiating being together… had something soothing about it… Broadly speaking maybe it was to do with having a joint sense of responsibility and neither of us ” leading” or deciding it was time to move on…..we spent a long time doing simple things and being aware of detail in this hinterland between shifts….

The discussion phase was interesting but seemed rather a jolt to me ( but am aware of the time limit you had….) I often can’t find the words in what seems like a formal setting particularly after having been in the body in such an absorbing way.

The question that Christo posed “what should our response be to this “crisis” is in itself……problematic/intriguing/scary and intimidating. I did notice myself having a tense physical response because there is such an array of responses/gut reactions, empathy, despair and bewilderment and almost a compulsion to say the right thing in the right way without knowing what that is…a need to fix it without knowing how….without feeling that whatever I say is inadequate and that is largely how we all feel I think when we watch/hear about this mass movement of people…

How do we respond as individuals, what might our small acts or interventions offer…how do you manage wanting to do something whilst feeling so inadequate?

It has made me consider many things….particularly living here in Bensham where there is a great deal of tension about ” immigrants” and housing and neighbours unfurl Union Jacks from their windows…

I will continue to ponder but perhaps suffice to say that your workshop has triggered reflective processes and that is valuable in itself.”


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