Writings from Dance Improvisation (vii)


29th June 2016 , the Bakery Studio, Jedburgh

Improvisation score on imagined futures, dissolving, extended self and re-drawing.

White, pale, blue, yellow… lifting from the ground. Slow to start with, as if it did not want to, it now gradually takes another shape. While opening up space beneath.

Here lie fragments, ghost shapes like milky outlines, where once we lived.

Floating in space, nothing to tie us to gravity, that pull of dark centre always seeking our return. But this time out of reach and wondering how…?

Find you near the wall. Hands move and open tiny spaces. One arm drops low towards the floor, the other gestures outward and above. Walking now…

But not now the same road, the same shadows, the same wind. Gusting up and growing a picture that when full, described, becomes endless as we choose, where…? A bridge, a river, too fast for a reflection, we just about make out splintered versions of ourselves.

What lifts from below towards the eye as steps lengthen, eager to open and turn out and melt into the floor – the floor holding us as it tips, tilts to begin a roll over and away.

White, pale, blue, yellow in rich daubs  on the concrete pier. Put my hand in yours, close my eyes while you draw. Seeing it lifting, settling into new shape, new days for the recent past.

 A cloud holds its place on the horizon. The sun sets. A new moon rises. Small figures grow smaller.




The meeting of oblique sunlight with parallel roof beams draws shadow arches on the plaster wall.

A proposition for a future architecture or the memory of what or might have been?

Either way, it offers no set of constant coordinates to find it by nor can we rely on it waiting for our return.

A solar shift and it dissolves.

I gather it in, set this hoped for future in stone in every muscle, it roots me to the spot until there is no more oxygen to hold it there .

Dissolved and wandering in the Now

But not in some ecstatic living in the moment way, in some glowing over flowing never ending present

This is a relentless iron pillar of Now that wont give way.

Step out to check the score again.


I need to be at the meeting point.

Is this it ? Are we there?

And are you there to meet with me or someone, something else?

Perhaps this wall will do – it offers something to be in relationship to

Something solid to rest my forehead against and you can find me there.


Some days it’s harder to find a way through the improvisation

Searching somewhere out there for some inspiration to move beyond the obvious.

That was a good moment…….The moment I took up the chalk and let the dancing redraw the way.

Revitalising the space with sweeping curves and flowing lines that softened up the edges

And in the drawing there was at least a delight.

Another score to extend into and towards.



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