The Make/Shift – Crossings Collaboration



From Omari Mungwande

Taking part in the “Make/Shift” project has been of a great benefit to me. My involvement consisted of sharing my experience of refugee displacement. Through my involvement I had the opportunity to share my experience with children and take part in creative arts developed by Tim and Claire for the purpose of expressing something about refugees’ experience of fleeing their country and moving to UK.

Being part of the project was incredible. My first impression was the limited knowledge by children on the real experience of refugees/asylum seekers, the issues they experience, and the challenges and barriers they face. It is important for children to understand the experience of refugees/ asylum seekers in order to promote diversity and create cohesion in the society. My second impression was the effectiveness of the use of creative arts when sharing my experience, and this facilitated a better understanding – this was amazing.

Creative Art helped me positively revisit my experience and share it – this was a sort of self-exploration of my experience that also was a sort of therapy, which could be beneficial to mental health and emotion.

The creative arts helped create a positive atmosphere where a connection quickly developed between me and children, and this facilitated a self-expression and better understanding. Topics related to refugees’ issues are complex for young children, creative arts helped children reflect on their own perspectives, develop an analysis approach and confidently express themselves.

The Make/Shift project has demonstrated that the use of creative art is effective in facilitating connection, a better understand, and a self-exploration and self-expression.Through creative arts, children were able to effectively develop a better understanding of refugees’ experience.

The above is my experience of the project – I hope this is helpful. For any other aspect of the project not explored above, in relation to my involvement, please do not hesitate to contact me – I also take the opportunity to thank you very much for getting me involved.


From Sara Yasir

First of all I would like to thank you for involving me into your wonderful Make/Shift project, it has been a great time of my life. Initially I thought it will be like (Volunteering) serving the community, but after the first workshop I realised actually I am learning from the project as well as you have provided me an opportunity to meet and socialise within the other community and people with diverse backgrounds..

I was able to learn, gain more skills and build the confidence within my self to express who i am, this projected has helped me in a very therapeutic way.

It has provided me an opportunity to share my own culture and learn more about British culture, i feel proud that i was able to make a contribution to raise awareness around the issues faced by asylum seekers and not only that but it has helped me to come out of my isolation, it has boosted my self esteem. By working with children and young people i got something enjoyable to do after a long period of 7 years, i felt like a family, happy and relax, at least for a short time.

After a long time i felt like a human being ( in the asylum system most of the time we are treated like animals and sometimes we forget actually we are normal human beings) and realised how important is a HUMAN TOUCH especially at the last session when people were in tears!

Overall my experience has been wonderful and I would love to be part of the project in the future as well, i can see this project has got potential as it addresses the issues of: 

”People like you, People like me and People like us”

Please do get in touch again if you have any more question.


From Abraham Eiluorior

I’m writing to thank you for the opportunity given to me to be part of the above festival held in Burnlaw in July 2016.

No doubt the atmosphere was quite natural – the physical exercise (the space movement), the film show and presentations were thrilling and quite refreshing. The participants were wonderful and welcoming and this created a loving memory in me. I really enjoyed my visit with great interest and I’m looking forward to participating in future events at Burnlaw. Thanks again for the opportunity!


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