Migration Map


Christo Wallers’ animation overlays fictionalised migration routes based on the main mapped transit passages (west Mediterranean, central Mediterranean, east Mediterranean) into Europe. Rather than follow a Eurocentric visualisation which sees Europe as a centre overburdened by an influx from the peripheries, symbolic characters slowly chart courses from their own centre, following routes towards a periphery which may be Europe or maybe elsewhere. Key to the animation is a sense of simplicity, which foregrounds the choreography rather than the film image, and a move towards a symbolic representation that attempts a humanist form of infographics.

“Christo’s film I felt captured the feeling of loss of direction, identity and – by the end – loss of a community as individual white circles drifted or were directed into new communities. At the time an overriding feeling of sadness came in observing these little white clusters separate – but of course, new directions also mean new opportunities.”     Susie Tate, independent dance artist 

migrationmap from christo on Vimeo.


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