From Ken Wai-Yee Mallo


The Crossings day trip to Burnlaw Centre

screeningtalkFor me, it was a great family day out in the beautiful nature and being with warm people… It’s also interesting to meet contemporary dancers with their enthusiastic company, I believe the fresh and beautiful place they are living in helps them to express themselves freely and passionately, imagine how good it could feel enjoying your body movement while melting into the power of nature ..

My two children enjoyed the trip so much and I am so happy to see them love to being in the nature

Max says: on our trip at Burnlaw I enjoyed everything! My favourite bit was the wishing tree, I wished the same thing twice. I also met new friendly people. I hope we come again!  Max

Moi Moi says: my favourite part was the tree house and the swings. My funniest part was the green goo in the pond. Burnlaw is very beautiful!

Thanks for offering and organized the trip!






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