Writings from Improvisation (vi)


May 3rd, The Bakery Studio, Jedburgh


There was nothing that suggested anything extraordinary.

The instructions were to simply sit – and to do this three times.

A chair was unfolded – a straightforward black plastic chair on a black floor against a white wall –the roughness of the old stone contrasting with plastic and metal.

Time stretches

You sit suspended in the now – a now that is now or was now or might become the now

The cloud clears, sun lights the walls and falls in squares on the floor – it comes and goes, comes and goes and the days stretch away in front and behind.

An endless passage of minutes, hours, days stretching into weeks and months and now years.

How long have we sat here? Is life going on in- between?

The chair is the architecture for your waiting – you set up home in it – settle in to the waiting – it’s what you are there to do after all.


Rise up! – something else is happening – has it moved along?

And again you are on the move – such dancing – where is that taking you?

Where is that taking me as I watch from here on the edge of the room, yet am in there with you, sitting with you? You have made me sit with you waiting for the next move



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